Asbestos Removal South East
Asbestos Removal South East

Asbestos Removal


Do you have asbestos in your waste?

If you suspect your waste material contains any asbestos, you must take additional precautions to prevent or minimise exposure. Trained operatives licensed by the Health and Safety Executive should only carry out the removal of any materials containing asbestos. Your asbestos disposal should take place in a controlled area and in accordance with current legislation.


WTS make sure it’s disposed of safely.

Asbestos waste should be placed in sealed bags and placed into a sealed container. We supply enclosed lockable skips for asbestos disposal, these can also be used with your other hazardous wastes. A variety of sizes are available from 6 cu yards to 35 cu yards. You can depend on us to safely organise your asbestos disposal – upon request, WTS will arrange the team to come and remove the hazardous material from your site for you.

Do you have more questions?

If you have any questions about asbestos removal services that haven’t been covered here, please call our 24-hour advice line on 0871 288 4733